Friendship Rally Hermagor, Austria, 2018

The event will take place from 25th to 29th April, 2018
Possibility of extension until  the 1st May 

This Rally is organized by Italian Federation, www.federcampeggio.it

The Italian Federation, Federcampeggio, will celebrate its already well known Friendship Rally. This event has taken place in a few European countries: Croatia, Portugal, Austria, Slovenia and Italy and now returns to Austria again. People who are associated with a club or federation are welcome to participate in this interesting event.

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Contact with the organizers:
Telephone: +39 055 882 391 | Fax: +39 055 882 5918
Email: segreteria@federcampeggio.it
Website: http://www.federcampeggio.it/

Address of the campsite
Camping Shluga, Obervellach 15, 9620 Hermagor, Austria

GPS coordinates:  N 46° 37' 53'' / E 13° 23' 46''

It is located in the lower valley of Gail, at the foot of the northern Carnic Alps, near the Italian border. It is a district of the state of Carinthia. Its name makes reference to St. Hermagoras of Aquileia, the first bishop of Aquileia. A very interesting place that is worth knowing.

This is traditional Rally celebrated in different European countries.
Photo: Commons.wikimedia. - Hermagor, Austria

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