Hymer introduces a new battery for motorhomes and caravans

Hymer manufacturer presents a new solution for energy supply introducing the latest battery for motorhomes, caravans and campervans.

La batería de litio inteligente de Hymer
Photo: Hymer.com
The system stores energy in both lithium and lead batteries, and its state of charge is controlled intelligently. As a result, the energy performance in the vehicle is significantly longer.

The new Hymer smart battery system means that you now have the option of a lithium battery installed instead of an additional conventional battery. The continued operation of conventional lead-acid batteries when their state of charge is low means that they often become defective in two or three years, while pure lithium systems work much better and last longer; yes, the price is much higher than normal batteries.

The advantages of the Hymer smart battery system
The HY-Tec 135 lithium battery consists of six individual modules (LE300), which are connected to lead batteries in parallel. This extensible solution increases the capacity and performance of lead-acid batteries, while it will treble the battery's efficiency, up to ten years of system-wide life. Lithium batteries perform most of the charge cycles, while lead batteries serve as backup storage devices. The result of this process is a safe and stable power source on the road, which creates greater independence from external power sources.

In addition, a clear increase in the level of self-sufficiency can be achieved thanks to the doubled capacity and a weight reduction of five kilograms, compared to the previous system: at the typical use rate, the duration in trips can be extended from 2,8 to 5.6. days; battery efficiency also increases from 70% to 90% more with Hymer's smart battery system. By connecting two different battery systems together, the entire cold-proof system can even operate at temperatures below 5° C, without any adverse impact on the lithium battery. This is because the operation of the whole system at lower temperatures is guaranteed by the lead battery, which is impervious to cold.

As there are three possible equipment packages, which differ in the number of corresponding lithium and/or lead batteries; therefore, the power capacity and the new Hymer intelligent battery system allows you to adapt the vehicle to your own needs. As from January 2018, they can be installed on all new Hymer and Hymercar models.

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