Camping-Car Park, the new application for motorhome sites in France

Camping-Car Park, the first European network of motorhome sites and stopovers, innovates by launching a new application of the same name. Available on Google Play and Apple Store in French and English, it is intended for European motorcaravanners who will have access, through their smartphone or tablet, to all the services offered.
At the moment, is only available only in France.
Official Website: https://campingcarpark.com

The launch of this new application, explained Laurent Morice, co-founder of the company, is an important step in our digital strategy started in 2012.
In the wake of the Covid-19 epidemic that reinforces social distancing. Motorhomes are actively seeking open spaces and available spaces for more peace of mind and safety.

Thanks to the application, one will be able to know availability and book in real time; but also to carry out, without contact, all the operations in the parking site: opening of barriers, payment, early booking or last minute, etc.

You will find in your personal space all the information about past, current, and future stays and you will be able to consult your date and time of arrival, the wifi code and extend your stay with a single click.

For example: find the more than 200 sites of Camping-Car Park throughout France and access useful information (dedicated services, shops, sightseeing, etc.).

Camping-Car Park is the leading European network of motorhome sites. Founded in 2011 by two experts in regional tourism development, the network has some sites in other European countries.

Motorhomes will be as close as possible to the centers of interest (city center, beaches, shops, etc.) by offering secure access to all services, 24/7 throughout the year.

Low Emission Zones, how to avoid fines in Europe

More temporary and permanent low emission zones are being introduced in Europe.

European road traffic is increasingly characterized by regional entry bans and environmental zones due to higher levels of nitrogen dioxide in cities and municipalities.

The EU Air Quality Directive 2008/50 / EC, in force since June 11, 2008, forms the basis for avoiding the health risks of fine dust and nitrogen dioxide.
This results in national rules and regulations, which are then implemented regionally or nationally in the corresponding EU countries, or applied in cities and municipalities through complicated national or local special rules or exceptions.

Therefore, Green-Zones shows commercial and tourist car traffic in Europe, what environmental zones are established in which countries, what regional regulations and exceptions are valid, what respective environmental badges and vignettes are required to enter or can be purchased, so avoid paying extremely high fines when driving into low emission zones without authorization.

Therefore, before traveling, make sure you have the corresponding vignette or sticker. Click on the following link to request your label in various parts of Europe:

Keep in mind that, depending on the year of registration of your vehicle, it will not be possible to drive through these low emission zones. See low emission areas in Europe:

Security lock, very important for motorhomes

The worst nightmare for drivers: the central locking system has been hacked ...
For all car and motorhome owners it is quite normal these days to click the remote control to lock or unlock all doors.

However, nowadays anyone with some computer skills can open a vehicle without too much hassle; for this they use adapted hardware and software that can be easily downloaded from the Internet. What can become a nightmare for motorhomes and drivers in general. Among others, the main vehicles affected are the 2006 models of the Fiat Ducato, Citroën Jumper, Peugeot Boxer and Iveco Daily, among others.

A digital theft leaves no trace. Thieves have been concentrating on these models for several years. Since the theft leaves no clues, it is difficult to prove that it has happened at all, which complicates life - if you want to file a claim part to insurance. Basically anyone can capture data. It is very easy to get into a vehicle if there is no proper code for the wireless signal from your vehicle's remote control system.

Many manufacturers even dispense with the so-called rolling code or jump code system to offer greater protection by changing the code at any given time according to a predetermined algorithm.

Is your vehicle affected? Only special adaptation systems can remedy the situation and eliminate this security hole. Specialists, including Thitronik, who intervene with their VIPro-III-Alarm systems in the CAN-Bus of base vehicles, have used their knowledge to find their own solution.

With the module called safe.lock, the security hole resulting from an unencoded vehicle key is closed. Once the module is connected to the central locking system, the security hole in the vehicle that would be caused by an uncoded key will close. The original non-secure vehicle key electronics will be replaced by the supplied circuit board, this will protect the vehicle with around 4 million constantly changing codes used when locking and unlocking it.

This key service can only be delivered through an authorized Thitronik specialist with the appropriate programming infrastructure. More information at www.thitronik.de (page in German and English.