Motorhome stopover, Santander (Spain),

 Motorhome stopover, Santander (Spain) - Free of charge

Santander, área de autocaravanas.jpg
Address: Calle Marino Fernández-Fontecha, s/n, 39005 - Santander. Spain
Number of places: 25 - Maximum stay: 48 hours - It is forbidden to display tables, chairs or any camping equipment.

GPS coordinates:
Decimal, 43.472208 / -3.803548
Sexagesimal, N 43° 28' 19.949'' / W 3° 48' 12.772''

Situation and services:
Located between the Atlantic Park of Las Llamas and the university campus, 3 km, approx., from the city center. The area is in a quiet environment. In summer it is usually quite busy. Right on the parallel street, at the top - next to the university, Avenida de los Castros - there are buses to the city center.

Santander (population: 171 951 inhabitants, 2017)
The capital combines an urban environment with the essentials of the region of Cantabria: beaches, landscape, nature, gastronomy and culture. The city is arranged around a large natural harbour, used since before the Roman Empire. The landscape environment is privileged, with wide green spaces and beaches, highlighting the area of Mataleñas, Sardinero and La Magdalena, where king Alfonso XIII had his summer residence.
More info: turismo.santander.es - Telephone: +34 942 20 30 00
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Motorhome stopover in OLITE (Navarra), Spain

 Name of the stopover: Olite /Erriberri    ---  Free of charge

Address: Paseo de Doña Leonor, s/n, 31390 - Olite (Navarra)
GPS coordinates:
42°28'49.1"N / 1°38'49.9"W

Photo: autocaravaning.org
Places: 12 - Maximum stay: 72 hours.
It is forbidden to deploy camping gear or any utensil outside the perimeter of the motorhome.

The stopover is located in front of the Church of San Pedro. Shopping, supermarket, bars and restaurants near the area. The very center of the town is less than 500 meters away.

Olite (population: 3.900 inhabitants)
Olite (Erriberri, in Basque language) is a municipality and a Spanish city of the Navarra Foral Community. Corresponds to the territory of the judicial district of Tafalla.
It is an attractive town with a very interesting architectural and historical-artistic complex. The Royal Palace, the Church of Santa María la Real, the Parador of Olite (State owned chained of hotels) and the Navarra Wine Museum are worth a visit.
More information: www.olite.es  / +34 948 74 01 75
www.turismo.navarra.es  / Telephone: +34 948 741 703 / Email: oit.olite@navarra.es 

Portugal, the great controversy of traffic reform for motorhomes


The Portuguese government has initiated a reform of the highway code, which includes a crucial change for motorhomes. This reform effectively provides for the prohibition of parking motorhomes at unauthorized places. In short: prohibition becomes the rule and freedom the exception...

In most European countries, you can park a motorhome where it is not prohibited; that is to say, in countless places. This is the case in France, for example. And this has been the case so far in Portugal. But a regulatory text that modifies the highway code that reverses the logic of this rule. The text was approved by the Council of Ministers on November 27 and will be promulgated shortly.

The text establishes "the prohibition of parking and overnight stays in motorhomes outside the authorized places"; In other words, you can only park and stay overnight in sites, authorized areas or campsites. We assume that the anger among Portuguese motorhomers must be generalized, as this is a radical change. From being a welcoming country for the motorhomer, Portugal is going to drive away this group.