How to buy a new motorhome?

 What errors should be avoided when buying a motorhome? What is the price of a motorhome? Are some of the questions asked by the new buyers of these vehicles.

How to buy a new motorhome?
Usually you would buy a new motorhome in a dealership or in an exhibition hall, etc., to enjoy the guarantee. 
What aspects should be taken into account?
In the budget that you are going to dedicate to purchase a motorhome you should pay special attention to the maintenance expenses, (this will avoid many surprises). You may want to take into account the following suggestions:
  • The cost of financing the motorhome, especially if the interest rate is too high.
  • Annual expenses for service maintenance of the vehicle.
  • Garage to keep the motorhome.
  • The average cost of fuel, according to use.
  • Tolls, if you plan to use highways; the price may be higher, depending on the size of the vehicle, and if it has dual rear wheels. On French motorways any motorhome pays around 40% more than a car.
  • The insurance of a medium size motorhome (fully comprehensive, and depending on how many accidents have been reported to the insurer) can range between 600 to 700 euros (estimated prices for drivers over 25 years old) euros per year for a new motorhome. 
  • The depreciation of an average vehicle is calculated around 2,000 euros per year, approximately. This assumption is important, if you plan to sell it at some time.
  • The MOT test (UK, Ministry of Transport, or simply MOT) is an annual test of vehicle safety and roadworthiness aspects. Other EU countries have different denominations.
  • Documents that we must demand when buying a motorhome.
Vehicle documentation and spare parts:
  • A vehicle log book (V5) is a legal document issued by the DVLA, outlining proof of ownership and specific vehicle details.
  • Road tax.
  • Instruction manual and guarantee of all the devices incorporated in the motorhome: refrigerator, stove, heater, awning, air conditioning, bicycle rack, etc.
  • Certificate of gas installation 
  • Replacement bulbs
  • Emergency triangles (two)
  • Spare wheel
The above are some of the main items that should be taken into account when preparing your budget to purchase a motorhome.

Motorhome holidays, a great family experience

 By Martín Códax

For all motorhomers, but in particular for those who never had an experience or don't know the motorhome world, I will try to briefly describe the meaning of those unique moments that summarize the characteristics of this vehicle. It's about travelling by motorhome during the holidays or at any other time of the year: you will come back with unforgettable memories, of those that you can only experience on a "house on wheels".
Before starting, for those who haven't got the gist of motorhoming, let me explain that a motorhome is similar to a house or an apartment; the difference is that you have your home wherever you go. Actually, we are not mistaken if we say that for many it is their home and a way of living. This vehicle has facilities such as: accommodation, bedroom, kitchen, refrigerator, shower, central heating / air conditioning, TV, and a lot more for those who can afford it.

The motorhome is suitable for long or short holidays
This vehicle is different, it goes beyond routine holidays, it is a type of leisure that can be adjusted to your liking. Not only does it give you the freedom to move wherever you want, but it also offers the option of choosing how, where and when you want to organize your entertainment; The power of choice is a the hallmark of this way of travelling.

What are the facilities to drive a motorhome?
To understand how you can live in a motorhome, I will mention that there are in Spain, and of course in Europe, exclusive stopovers or sites to park or stay overnight, where they also offer some services for these vehicles. These sites (with some exceptions, are usually exclusive for motorhomes, the other less used option are campsites) are places to park and provide drinking water, grey water (wastewater from sinks, showers, etc.) and WC chemical toilet disposal point (containers with capacity for 20 to 25 litres, it is a rectangular removable unit designed for motorhomes and caravans). Rarely, there are some large vehicles with built-in WC tank, up to 90 litres or larger tank in some American RV's.

The motorhome is a great choice for travelling
In my case, it was about taking longer holidays without hustle and bustle. So to speak, it was like a trick to get away from crowded holidays; the situation arose due to an unexpected retirement -due to work circumstances; however, it has been positive. Moreover, this would bring a new dimension in my life, it was like a wave of fresh air that drove the energy to change the lifestyle.

My approach to holidays before having the motorhome
During my free time or holidays, I did nothing more than entertain myself tinkering in the workroom, pruning flowers or weeding in the garden. To put it mildly, I have sometimes wondered how I could have been so obtuse in not visualizing that there was a world of things waiting for us out there.

Now let's focus on the holidays
Every year, during the winter, my wife and I travel to the south of Spain, due to the mild weather (since we come from the northwest). Andalusia is a very popular region for motorhomers; added to that Andalusians are very welcoming. Undoubtedly, they have that cheerful and extroverted personality that helps to create a pleasant atmosphere for those who visit these places. For this reason, it is not strange that, especially during the winter, more motorhomers are concentrated in the south of Spain than in any other part of Europe.

The sensation of the relaxing and peculiar murmur of the beach, that unmistakable rhythm of the waves, the turquoise blue sea, the reflection of the sun in the golden sands and the gentle breeze is something that remains indelibly in our minds.

The din of the street, the terraces, the bars with their "tapas", the coming and going of the waiter sliding between tables to serve the typical drinks of the region; It is a unique environment that  not only can be seen in Andalusia, but also in many parts of Spain.

But as each region has its charm, when summer arrives, the north of Spain becomes the best option. The beautiful landscapes of Asturias, Galicia and the Basque Country, the mild summers and their exquisite cuisine are unmistakable for those who choose these destinations. Of course, I would not want to belittle any region of Spain, because they all have something interesting to offer. From Madrid, Valencia, Catalonia or the charming Castile; from north to south and from west to east, they offer the visitor a historical-cultural and architectural interest, without forgetting the good gastronomy of each region.

In previous years, when I was linked to an international caravanning and motorcaravanning federation, we also traveled to many parts of Europe; but our favorite destination, during the summer, was France, where we used to meander the Atlantic coast. It is worth noting that France is one of the best countries in welcoming motorhomers, with thousands of sites for these vehicles. Probably, the French Atlantic coast has some of the most attractive regions of Europe. Admiring the beautiful panorama, we went admiring around the villages, either in Nantes, Le Mont Saint-Michel or in Saint Malo, it was as if we wanted to prolong an interval of time that remained in the infinite beauty of the villages and landscapes of that region .

In conclusion, our return home, is that return that invites us to recall the constant flutter of seagulls on the warm coast of Andalusia, the mild summer on the north of the Iberian peninsula and the beautiful landscape of French Brittany. These thoughts always stimulate our minds. Surely, those very reflections will bring new projects for next year's adventure. Who knows, in Spain, France or anywhere else we can reach by motorhome.

Happy motorhome trips!

A motorhome is the ideal vehicle to move around and carry your own office

The pandemic reminds us that we can not only move around for leisure in a motorhome, it can also be used as office, etc.

Of course, the motorhome is very useful for people and professionals who need to travel around the country.

Contrary to what happens in the US, in Europe there is still a false belief that the motorhome is exclusively for vacations and leisure outings. Nothing could be further from the truth, a good number of professionals already use these vehicles as an office or to travel, as is the case of sales representatives, executives, etc.

No doubt, the COVID-19 pandemic has made it easier for more people to think of a motorhome to use it in their working life. Clearly, a world of possibilities opens up for many people.

As mentioned, in the US or Canada this way of life was already common for many professionals, since the use of these RVs have a much broader concept when it comes to their use. It should be added that they also have more facilities, such as suitable stopovers or sites for staying overnight. The latter is something that we still have to improve in the European continent, in some countries.

Certainly, the way of mobility in motorhomes begins to be seen as "a before and after the pandemic". The motorhome sector, due to its individualized form - since, on a small scale, it contains the same thing as a house - is considerably strengthened in the market. 

It should be remembered that this sector generates benefits not only for dealers, but also for the cities or villages they visit and even for private sites.