Le Voyager motorhome, the beginning of a new era without mirrors

This is the beginning of a gradual disappearance of the traditional rear-view and side mirrors. This new system will improve and contribute to a more accurate manoeuvring, pricesily by the absence of the very side and rear mirrors.

Photo: Le Voyager, UK
The new motorhome "Le Voyageur Signature" presents an innovation around the world: the intelligent system of rear view based on camera (it is worth remembering that this new system has nothing to do with the numerous, sometimes inefficient, selection of current rear-view cameras) .

This is an exclusive technological innovation that provides exceptional safety and driving comfort.

This revolutionary system of Smart-Vision replaces the mirrors with high definition cameras and monitors placed inside the vehicle.

Photo: Le Voyager, UK
Greater safety
Improved vision, both day and night: no more reflections, fog or glare from the sun or headlights. The system even monitors the immediate environment of the vehicle while it is parked.

This approved R10 R46 system provides improved visibility and, therefore, better driving comfort and greater safety. Night and day, in all types of weather, Vision Systems guarantees that you enjoy optimal visibility and eliminate blind spots.

Greater savings
Its improved aerodynamics offer you real fuel savings. And there is no more risk of broken rear-view mirrors.
Furthermore, the absence of rear-view mirrors reduces the width of the vehicle, making it much easier to handle. This also creates less friction, and the improved aerodynamics mean fuel consumption is reduced by an estimated 5%.

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