Saturday, 16 September 2017

Friendship Rally, Matera, Italy, 2017

The Italian Federation (Federcampeggio) will celebrate its well-known Friendship Rally. This event has taken place in several European countries: Croatia, Portugal, Austria -twice in this country, Slovenia and Italy -3 times, including this event. FICC club members are welcome to participate.

6 to 10 December 2017
Matera (Basilicata region), a nice city in the south of Italy

Matera, Italia
It is a city and municipality, capital of the province, in the south of Italy, region of Basilicata; located south of Naples, about 65 km from Bari.

If you walk in Matera you can have the sensation of entering a manger. It's no coincidence that it is called the second Bethlehem, and has served as a stage for films such as "The Passion of Christ" by Mel Gibson or "The Gospel according to St. Matthew" by Pasolini.
Certainly, if you are planning to travel to Italy, you may take the opportunity of joining this friendly Rally in Matera.

More information, Confederazione Italiana Campeggiatori:
Secretariat: +39 055 882 391; fax: +39 055 882 5918

Friday, 11 August 2017

If you travel to Spain, observe the speed limit

Attention drivers! For your safety and that of other travelers, pay special attention to speed limits. See the maximum speed chart below, since fines can amount to € 600. It can be much higher if the driver is not identified within the prescribed period (if detected by radar, the fine will also be sent to your country).

Speed limit in Spain, 2017

With regard to driving under the influence of alcohol, the penalties are in the range of € 500 to €1,000; normally, fines will be charged on the spot.
Enjoy your holidays! Let's not forget that the important thing is to reach destination.

Sunday, 16 July 2017

Comparative of camping prices in Europe

If you travel abroad it is advisable to have an idea of campsite charges, in case you would need to use them. Please, note that overnight stay in some European countries is only allowed in motorhome sites, campsites or authorized places for this purpose.

Germany has the lowest rates for campsites

This is a comprehensive study done by ADAC  (the oldest motoring club in Germany. This year is celebrating its 100th Anniversary).

As you can see, on the list below, the most expensive country on campsite rates in Europe is Switzerland; on the other hand, Germany is the most economical, followed by Sweden. 
For unknown reasons, the UK is not on this survey. See the following list.

Switzerland 47,97
Italy 45,39
Denmark 40,40
Netherlands 40,48
Spain 39,89
Croatia 39,60
France 36,55
Austria 34,31
Sweden 30,75
Germany 28,54

Of course, from the economic point of view, it is advisable for motorhomers to use aires, motorhome sites or stopovers for these vehicles. Some campsites may offer special rates for motorhomes.