Two French motor caravanners who have toured Europe since 1986

Nicole and Robert are amongst the most experienced motor caravanners in Europe. And also they haven't changed their motorhome since 1993. It is worth mentioning that Robert has been president of the FFACCC (Fédération Française des Associations et Clubs de Camping-Cars).
He is also a member of CCCSO (Motorhome Club of the South-West of France) and has been travelling in a motorhome with his wife since 1986. Like every year, (among other events around Europe) they attended the Euro-CC 2019 that took place in the coastal town of Marina di Carrara, in Tuscany, Italy.

The Euro-CC is an event that takes place annually in different cities in Europe, with the patronage of the FICM (Fédération Internationale des Clubs de Motorhome).

A great opportunity
The couple acquired their second hand integrated Hymermobil in 1993. It had very little use, since the first registration of the motorhome dated from 1991. When Nicole and Robert made the purchase, the vehicle had about 15,000 km. Now it has more than 330,000, having travelled the roads of most European countries, from North Cape to Yugoslavia, from Portugal to Russia and even crossed the borders of Morocco and Turkey. Still in very good condition, this motorhome shows the elegance of a vintage vehicle, it fulfils its mission in all trips, and it blends perfectly in the middle of a series of profiles of a generation of  new motorhomes.

The friend of the family
Why did Nicole and Robert never change their motorhome? It's not a matter of money, more than anything it is a romantic approach, explains Robert. We have many reasons for not having changed it, the design and reliability of a good vehicle; but, above all, the feelings and the great moments lived in this motorhome weigh heavily, they asserted.

Nicole gets excited when she looks at the family photos that show moments lived with her loved ones, some snapshots are still hanging inside the motorhome itself. It is decades of family and couple trips that are in the memory of Robert and Nicole. We understand them: is a motorhome, but it is also their home; is impregnated with moments of happiness, pain, laughter and even the unforgettable times with the children as they grew up.

On the other hand, it should be noted that in 2019 French motor caravanners were the most represented in the Euro-CC with some 300 motorhomes that participated in the great European festival of motorcaravanning. This year the event was organized by the "Camper Club Italia" in the coastal town of Marina di Carrara. The Euro-CC 2019 was held (as every year) under the patronage of the FICM (Fédération Internationale des Clubs de Motorhomes).

FICM has members from 10 European countries: Germany, Belgium, Spain, France, Great Britain, Greece, Italy, Luxembourg, Portugal and Switzerland.

The ten most dangerous countries in the world to drive.

If you plan to travel abroad by motorhome or other vehicle, then you may be interested in knowing which countries are the most dangerous to drive. Reality may well surprise.

 A USA motorway.

The following is a list of the most dangerous countries to drive, prepared by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) and based on the following statistics:

Deaths per year per million inhabitants
Deaths per year per million vehicles
1.   Belgium
2.   Czech Republic
3.   EE.UU.
4.   Greece
5.   South Korea
6.   Hungary
7.   Turkey
8.   Poland
9.   Slovakia
10. Russia

As you can see in the table, the country with the highest rate of accidents is Russia. The conclusion is that Sweden, Switzerland and the United Kingdom are among the safest countries to drive. 
Although it is necessary to improve, it is evident that the effort made by the authorities to reduce road accidents is not really paying off.

88th International FICC Rally, Châteabriant (France), 2019

26th July to 4th August 2019
This year it will be celebrated in the beautiful French village of Châteaubriant. It is a population and French commune, located in the region of Pays de la Loire, department of Loire-Atlantique.
The event will be organized by the French Federation of Caravanning and Motorcaravanning; it is a Federation with long experience in the celebration of these events.

Read more about the entertainment and services of this Rally on the organizer's website:

The International FICC Rally is the oldest and most traditional event of this type, it has been held since 1933. It takes place every year in different parts of Europe and other continents.

NB: participation in this event is possible for anyone in possession of an FICC card, provided that they are members of a club or federation affiliated to the FICC.