The six best ski slopes in Europe

If you are a ski lover, perhaps the following suggestions on the best tracks in Europe it will suit you. Well, usually all ski resorts have facilities for motorhomes.

Val Thorens (France) Ski Resort
Val Thorens is the highest altitude resort in Europe surrounded by six glaciers. Here you will find something for everyone, whether it be traditional skiing, off-piste or a snowpark. With around 140 km of pistes and 30 lifts, it’s a perfect winter destination for you and your family and friends.

Tignes - Val d'Isère (France)
Whether you are a beginner who is just trying out skiing or an advanced freestyle enthusiast, this ski resort will suit you either way. During winter you can enjoy maximum snow cover over the dual ski area and the 300 km pistes available along with 78 ski lifts.

Baqueira Beret (Spain)
Station located in the Catalan Pyrenees, is the largest station in the area. Opened in the mid-sixties in the wonderful Aran Valley in Lleida, it currently also includes part of the Alto Aneu Valley in its domain. Baqueira consists of 3 different areas: Baqueira, Beret and Bonaigua.
The area of Baqueira is the oldest (but it has the latest technology) and the one with the highest slope. It is familiar. High level tracks for ski lovers.

Ramsau am Dachstein (Austria)
If you are looking for a skiing experience with sunshine illuminating the area, this is a place for you. This conveniently located ski resort offers 220 km of ski trails and might be especially appealing to families with children. Eight themed ski runs for kids await there, but don’t worry, adult pros will find their own exciting trails as well.

Kitzbühel Ski Resort (Austria)
Enjoy about 170 km of pistes in a resort which annually hosts World Cup ski races. There are almost a hundred kilometres of slopes and 56 ski lifts so you ought to find just the right slopes for your skiing level. Experience one of the best ski resorts in the world!

Cortina d'Ampezzo (Italy) 
Visit the famous winter ski resort and the site of the 1956 Winter Olympics. It is an ideal place for beginners as well as for skilled skiers. Enjoy over a hundred kilometres of slopes and 36 ski lifts. Do not miss this splendid facility in the middle of the breathtaking Italian Alps. It is an ideal destination for skiing and snowboarding.

The most popular motorhome sites in France

Five favourite motorhome sites in France in 2019, the most preferred by motorhomers, according to Camping Car magazine.

We offer a description below of the locations and more details of interest that could be useful for your next visit to France.


1.  Lann Floren

It is located in the region of Morbihan Gulf, on the península de Rhuys. This site was unanimously chosen as the best of the year by the motorhomers.
It has all the services of emptying and drinking water, electricity in all plots, 43 large plots delimited by hedges. No doubt, it guarantees that users want to stay for longer periods.
In the Lann Floren site, the parking price (services included) costs € 7 from October to April; € 10.50 from May to September, € 1.10 tourist tax per motorhome, prices are per day.

Allée du Petit Train
56450 Surzur (France)
Open from: 01/01 al 31/12
Contact: Tel: 0631401926

GPS coordinates:

Latitude: 47.583498, Longitude: -2.632074  - Location map

2.  Chez Fred: Saint-Médard-de-Presque

Located in the Occitanie region, near the most beautiful villages in France, Fred's area is renowned for its kindness and that of its owner. They have a bakery, pizza, barn, group meals and car rental.
Throughout the year, an orchard is available to users where it is possible to pick their own fruits and vegetables.
Price € 10 per day, motorhomes have access to emptying, electricity, drinking water and Wi-Fi. Add € 5 for the washing machine, detergent and dryer included. The area is controlled by digital code and surveillance camera.


D 30, 46400 Saint-Médard-de-Presque (France)

Open from: del 01/01 al 31/12 (9 a.m. / 9 p.m.)

Contact: Tel:+33 06 37 67 44 71

Email: fred.btp@wanadoo.fr


GPS coordinates:

Latitude: 44.8711 - Longitude: 1.8444 /  Location map


3.  Salaisons-de-Pradelles

At an altitude of 1,200 meters, the Salaisons de Pradelles site, near Puy-en-Velay, allows you to stay on your farm for free, with water and emptying included. Price € 2 for electricity, the key to your individual terminal must be collected at the store. For groups of more than 20 people, the establishment organizes guided tours of the region. The opportunity to discover the famous and interesting local routes of the Mange-Tripes brotherhoods.

Avenue du Puy
43420 Pradelles (France)
La Salaison. A la salida del pueblo dirección Le Puy-en-Velay por N 88.
Open from: del 01/01 al 31/12 (7:00 / 19:00 horas)
Contact: Tel: 04 71 00 85 49

GPS coordinates:
Latitude: 44.7753 - Longitude: 3.888 / Location map

4. Bidonnière, en Pontorson

With its breathtaking view of Le Mont Saint-Michel, lit every night of the year, the private area of La Bidonnière allows you to park on large plots. Le Mont St. Michel, if you go by bike it is 10 minutes away. If you love hiking, it would be more than half an hour on foot with spectacular scenery.
There are also bicycles for rent for € 5 per day.
Price € 11.50 for 24 hours with electricity, emptying and WiFi. Add € 3 for a full tank of 120 litres (for 4 consecutive nights, this would be free).
From April to October, you can order fresh bread and cakes at the grocery store. A pizza maker comes every Saturday night, from April to mid-September. Ferries a 30 minute walk. The owners also offer rental bicycles for € 5 per day.

5, Route de la Rive-Ardevon
La Bidonnière
50170 Pontorson (France)
Opening hours:  9:00 a 11:00 y de 17:30 a 21 hours.
Site open from: 26/01 al 31/12 (24 hours a day)
Contact: Tel: +33 06 25 55 30 70

Coordenadas GPS:
Latitude: 48.6036   -  Longitude: -1.4767  /  Location map


5. Salles-Curan

Selected as site of the year, Salles-Curan It remains one of the best for motorhomers. On the edge of Lake Pareloup, its delimitation on the terrace allows the 70 plots of 35 square meters to have an impressive view of the lake.
Price: € 11 for 24 hours, without limitation of days, water and electricity included. Each location has an individual water point and an electrical connection. This old municipal camp in Aveyron also offers sanitary facilities, a room for washing machines and for washing dishes.



Route des Vernhes

12410 Salles-Curan (France)

Access: por el lago de Pareloup.

Open from:  01/01 al 31/12 (24 hours a day).

Contact: Tel: +33 05 65 46 31 73

Email: mairie-salles-curan@wanadoo.fr  /  ot.salles-curan@wanadoo.fr

Website:  https://www.salles-curan.fr/


GPS coordinates:

Latitude: 44.1989  -  Longitude: 2.7756  /  Location map

The new WC for motorhomes, the latest in waste management

Cinderella Motion, the combustion toilet for caravans and motorhomes, represents a completely new way of managing waste.

It is manufactured in Norway and is recognized for its long service life, high quality and capacity, not to mention its sustainable and environmentally friendly design and its pollutant-free performance emissions. It does not use water and is completely odourless.
The combustion system (works with gas) converts feces and urine into ashes. The advantages are endless since even four people who use the toilet for a week will only produce approximately one cup of ash.
The most complicated part is the price, it exceeds € 4,000.

Cinderella Motion makes it convenient and hygienic to dispose of toilet waste, whether it is on the road or permanently installed in a camp, the waste is deposited in a normal trash container.

Cinderella incineration toilets incinerate urine and feces at high temperature, leaving only a small amount of ashes. Is a total waste solution, as it removes all waste from the toilet. And it doesn't have to be transported to another place, as required by other toilet systems.

Easy to use
Cinderella's incineration toilets are easy to use, and Cinderella's toilet bags transport wastes safely to the combustion chamber. This makes the toilet very hygienic and clean, compared to other options. Simply lift the lid and the seat, place an original Cinderella toilet bag in the cup and go. Use the bathroom normally and close the lid when finished. Press the "discharge button" and the bag is released in the combustion chamber. The toilet is now ready to use again.

➤No need frost protection.
➤Do not use water
➤No need for tanks or containers, everything is emptied from the inside, completely odourless (goodbye to the typical WC chemical cassette)
➤ Produces little waste, only a small amount of clean ash that empties once a week
➤ Ecological solution
➤ Childproof
➤ Comfortable interior environment, no smell.
➤DBI, European certification
➤ High capacity, approx. 70 visits to the bathroom before emptying
➤ Full bath solution, burn all waste.
➤ Reliable, suitable for all temperatures.
➤Service network throughout Europe.
➤ 3 year warranty