Saturday, 22 October 2016

Essential vocabulary for motorcaravanners and travellers

If you are travelling abroad, whether you are motorcaravanner, traveller or tourist, don’t forget to get the essential vocabulary to make your communication easier during your stay.




Saturday, 15 October 2016

Muxía, northwestern Spain, new motorhome stopover

Muxía joins the network of stopovers “aires” in Galicia (autonomous region in the northwest of Spain). This location is also in the Way of St. James (in Spanish, Camino de Santiago). 

More than 90 motorhomes and about 200 people gathered in Muxía.

The town of Muxía (Galicia), in the area known as "Costa da Morte" (Death Coast), celebrated the new stopover, “aire”, located in the northwest of Spain. 
The stopover can be found at the entrance of the village, next to the beach and great hiking areas. It has the essential services, potable water, emptying gray water and chemical toilette, free of charge.

Muxía has the Sanctuary of the "Virgen de la Barca". Founded in the Middle Ages at the initiative of the monks of Moraime.

The present building is baroque architecture and dates from 1719. The image of the Virgin is a Gothic sculpture of the fourteenth century. In its vicinity is the famous stone “Pedra de Abalar” (oscillating Stone or rocking stone). It is a large stone that is balanced on a point, so that it can be moved back and forth easily, or even wiggle in response to the wind.

The Sanctuary suffered a spectacular fire on December 25, 2013, destroying the main altar, a valuable Baroque work of the sculptor Miguel de Romay.

The population is a great place to spend a few days, there are good bars and nice entertainment at very affordable restaurants.

Thursday, 6 October 2016

New battery developed for the RV market

Super B Epsilon: a lighter and compact lithium battery manufactured in the Netherlands.

The Super B company, one of the specialists in lithium-phosphate, strengthens its offering with a new battery developed for the RV market. The battery type is called Epsilon, it has a capacity of 1200 Wh (watt-hours). Its special technology lets you recharge in 2 hours, it has over 5000 cycles life span, far above any of the existing in the market.

This new generation of batteries increases your motorhome payload, weighing only 15 kg; for example, AGM batteries usually weight at least 30 kg. It also has a BMS (Battery Management System), a system that, while continuously monitors the state of charge and discharge of the cell, has a higher tolerance to extreme temperatures (e.g., AGM batteries do not work well with temperatures of 15 degrees below zero).

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