The unsual journey of two retired motorhomers

Photo: paris-normandie.fr
Marcel and Marie-Claude James, two unique pensioners of French origin who travel the world in a motorhome.

After touring Africa and Asia, Marcel and Marie-Claude James went to discover America for three years, driving their special motorhome, already tuned for such event.

From Alaska to Uruguay, our heroes traveled the vast continent for a long time; not only to see but also observe, feel and experience the world on this unforgettable journey by motorhome. As they say, from time to time we have to spend a Christmas day with the family.

years ago, Marcel was a controller in the Paris-Dakar rally (when he was younger; however, in those days it was still safe to travel through that land). Evidently, "some things stay with you to the grave". Of course, for special people like them, age is not an impediment.

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