New motorhome stopover, Ponteceso, Corunna, Spain

New Motorhome stopover opening on 18-06-2016. Located in Ponteceso village, Costa da Morte, Corunna 

Address: Avenida de Bergantiños Nº 65, Ponteceso, A Coruña.
GPS coordinates: 43.2461167 -8.8917055

Opening ceremony at the motorhome stopover
We would like to remind our readers that the motorhome stopover in Ponteceso is dedicated exclusively replenish fresh water, grey water and chemical toilet disposal. Parking is not allowed at the mentioned spot (see the signal below); however, parking is possible in many parts of the village. It should be taken into account that using parking places may be subject to a fine.

Among other attractions, the village of Ponteceso has beautiful landscapes, an excellent choice of restaurants and good wines. On the other hand, there is a Toy Museum, the Eduardo Pondal Foundation, poet and writer, born in Ponteceso, creator of the national anthem of Galicia (Spain's autonomous region), one of the symbols of the region. Mr Pondal was the best example of Galician regionalism literature.
Ponteceso village is a nice place to spend few days and visit the surroundings.

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