Slovakia changes to the e-vignette online as the only way of road toll

Slovakia introduces the e-vignette, available, almost exclusively, on the Internet 

All vehicles up to 3.5 tonnes and exceeding that tonnage shall be subject to payment of the e-vignette; the price varies, depending on the weight of the vehicle; trailers, where track vehicle and trailer exceeds 3.5 tonnes, are also subject to compulsory purchase of the electronic vignette in Slovakia (except motorcycles).

Printed stickers for highway have ceased to exist in Slovakia. The new system is in force since January 2016. Drivers must buy an e-vignette on the Internet, also through a mobile application or in an official site for which you will be given a receipt confirming the payment (but if you travel from abroad is best to buy it online).

Regarding to transactions on the Internet, you can check the expiration date or make data changes online registration. As with the old stickers, e-vignettes are valid for 10 days, 30 days or a year. For more information and to purchase an e-vignette see the following link (languages: Slovak, English, German and other languages ​​of Central Europe):

There are also free toll roads indicated as follows: "BEZ UHRADY".

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