European driving stickers ("vignettes"), a real puzzle for drivers

Motorhomes travelling in Europe face a real problem. Contrary to what one might imagine, each country imposes its own "vignette" system. For this reason, before leaving, it is advisable to do some planning.

First, it should be clarified that the "vignette" is a sticker to place on the windshield of the vehicle that justifies the corresponding payment giving you access to drive in certain cities, highways (as in the case of Switzerland and other countries). Moreover, a good number of countries are being added and many more will be in the coming years, because many cities and regions will be requiring ecological taxes to comply with environmental plans.

Roads, pollution, access to restricted traffic areas... If you travel through Europe, your windshield will soon be dotted with stickers of all colours. This is the new reality that some motorhomers tell us when they travel on roads in different European countries.

And with these issues of the environment, pollution, etc., they have found the perfect excuse to complicate drivers' life, even more. Undoubtedly, the large number of vignettes that must be displayed, whether for the use of roads, for access to parts of cities called "environmental zones" or to have the right to circulate in case of maximum contamination is making life very complicated for drivers.

Obviously, the slightest lack of attention puts us on the verge of contravention. It should be noted that unless there is more information and it is multilingual, we will always run the risk of being persecuted for an infraction.
In view of the panorama, since Europe interferes with so many other issues, it would be a good idea to coordinate a solution to avoid all this confusion.

In short, we refer to a specificity of the administrative functioning of Europe. Contrary to what European detractors claim, Europe does not regulate everything in our daily lives. Each member state retains a certain number of prerogatives, restricted traffic areas and classification stickers are included, which explains why this is becoming the "babel of European madness".

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