First motorhomes in the world

A club affiliated to the FICC had motorhomes among its members in 1906

The British club, "The Camping and Caravanning Club", founded in 1901, was one of the founding members of the FICC since 1933, already had motorhomes in 1906. This club was the pioneer and one of the most representative in the history of motorhomes to this day. In addition, it also had among their members the first motorhomes in the world. A unique example of the true origin of motorhome in the FICC.

This motor caravan Cadillac 3,250 kg without load, had lounge / bed, kitchen, bathroom and WC. Average speed 14 km / h. Measurement: 6.50 m long. Price: 1,000 pounds sterling (a substantial amount in those days). Built for Mr. J.B Mallalieu (a member of the aforementioned club) by Belsize  Motor Co. If we go back to 1906 this vehicle represented the great beginning of motorhome.
Between 1909 and 1914 about 12 motor homes were built in the United Kingdom. Like, for example, the one below.

Since 1918, in the United Kingdom, motorhomes began to be built in greater numbers with the conversion of ex-military cars such as the Ford TS and Daimlers. Even before the Second World War some very luxurious and exclusive ones were made for people with high purchasing power.

The first meetings or rallies were held around 1932 in Maidenhead, United Kingdom, with the assistance of 91 units. From 1933 the interest in the motorhome declined until well after the Second World War.

Photos: Camping and Caravaning Club, United Kingdom

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