The new WC for motorhomes, the latest in waste management

Cinderella Motion, the combustion toilet for caravans and motorhomes, represents a completely new way of managing waste.

It is manufactured in Norway and is recognized for its long service life, high quality and capacity, not to mention its sustainable and environmentally friendly design and its pollutant-free performance emissions. It does not use water and is completely odourless.
The combustion system (works with gas) converts feces and urine into ashes. The advantages are endless since even four people who use the toilet for a week will only produce approximately one cup of ash.
The most complicated part is the price, it exceeds € 4,000.

Cinderella Motion makes it convenient and hygienic to dispose of toilet waste, whether it is on the road or permanently installed in a camp, the waste is deposited in a normal trash container.

Cinderella incineration toilets incinerate urine and feces at high temperature, leaving only a small amount of ashes. Is a total waste solution, as it removes all waste from the toilet. And it doesn't have to be transported to another place, as required by other toilet systems.

Easy to use
Cinderella's incineration toilets are easy to use, and Cinderella's toilet bags transport wastes safely to the combustion chamber. This makes the toilet very hygienic and clean, compared to other options. Simply lift the lid and the seat, place an original Cinderella toilet bag in the cup and go. Use the bathroom normally and close the lid when finished. Press the "discharge button" and the bag is released in the combustion chamber. The toilet is now ready to use again.

➤No need frost protection.
➤Do not use water
➤No need for tanks or containers, everything is emptied from the inside, completely odourless (goodbye to the typical WC chemical cassette)
➤ Produces little waste, only a small amount of clean ash that empties once a week
➤ Ecological solution
➤ Childproof
➤ Comfortable interior environment, no smell.
➤DBI, European certification
➤ High capacity, approx. 70 visits to the bathroom before emptying
➤ Full bath solution, burn all waste.
➤ Reliable, suitable for all temperatures.
➤Service network throughout Europe.
➤ 3 year warranty

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