French villages in Brittany offer free overnigt staying for motorhomes

Malestroit and Ploërmel, French villages, will offer free overnight staying for motorhomes in stopovers, “aires” and municipal camping sites.

View of Malestroit, France
The decision was taken by the authorities of Malestroit (in Breton language: Malastred) is a commune in the Morbihan department of Brittany in north-western France).

Naturally, the decision has not been without controversy. However, the authorities justified this decision as necessary and beneficial for the commune. According to authorities, motorhomers are a great majority of tourists in that area, so this will justify the decision as beneficial.
"It has never been so many motorhomers as this year in the area" said the mayor. It is not a mere political decision, we are talking about a productive investment that injects money into our economy.

Stopovers an “aires” in France
France has more than 8,500 RV areas, according to "CAMPINGCAR-INFOS". The "aires" are distributed in local areas installed by municipalities, also in municipal sites and private camping sites (with adequate facilities for these vehicles); Moreover, you can find "aires" in yacht clubs, ports, sports areas, some supermarkets, etc.

More than 1300 areas are completely free in France
The “aires” are distributed all over France. You can find them on internet guides. There is also a printed guide dedicated to the free “aires” for motorhomesFree_aires_guide_France

Regarding to pay “aires”, prices are reasonable (except for some places in la Cote d’ Azur). In addition, a large number of camping sites have a price agreement, officially established with the FFCC (French Federation). https://www.ffcc.fr/

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