Motorhome rental, a new approach to the market

The Yescapa collaborative platform has founded a new motorhome and camper van hire system.

It is a simple formula for hiring motorhomes and camper vans where owners and renters get directly in contact.

This new system has attracted more than 85,000 users. The platform is present in France, Germany and Spain. At this time, with 3,000 vehicles Yescapa can boast to have the largest fleet of motorhomes and camper vans in Europe.

Motorhome tourism is growing spectacularly. Similarly, there are also a good number of motorhome rental companies in Europe. However, the Yescapa company has contributed to a more agile rental system and, above all, at more reasonable prices. Great news for those who wish to rent a motorhome.

By using the tools provided by the Yescapa platform one can arrange a safe and effective transaction. Read more on the website: https://www.yescapa.fr/

We're not wrong if we say that the market is overvalued, this may be the beginning of a fairer and affordable motorhome and camper van rental in Europe.

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