New battery developed for the RV market

Super B Epsilon: a lighter and compact lithium battery manufactured in the Netherlands.

The Super B company, one of the specialists in lithium-phosphate, strengthens its offering with a new battery developed for the RV market. The battery type is called Epsilon, it has a capacity of 1200 Wh (watt-hours). Its special technology lets you recharge in 2 hours, it has over 5000 cycles life span, far above any of the existing in the market.

This new generation of batteries increases your motorhome payload, weighing only 15 kg; for example, AGM batteries usually weight at least 30 kg. It also has a BMS (Battery Management System), a system that, while continuously monitors the state of charge and discharge of the cell, has a higher tolerance to extreme temperatures (e.g., AGM batteries do not work well with temperatures of 15 degrees below zero).

Official website: www.super-b.com/en

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