Homeless motorhomers and caravaners trapped by the coronavirus crisis

The current state of alarm, which decreed the lockdown on March 15, left hundreds of these people in different parts of Spain in no man's land. Taking into account that this group has a great dilemma; apart from their motorhome or caravan, they do not have a permanent home.

No doubt, this group is under great pressure, due to the fact that it lacks a permanent residence. On many occasions they are persecuted (as decreed by the state of alarm) by the police.

The problem lies in the fact that when the police require identification, despite the fact that the ID card contains an address that they may have had in the past, they are not able to justify their current situation. As a consequence, in many cases, the corresponding penalty is processed - which even, sometimes, they cannot face.

It should be noted that, in the current state of alarm, these people may have difficulties in wanting to use the service areas to empty gray water, chemical toilet and get water supply; something that is essential for their daily life.

It is evident that in Spain there is a legal vacuum that does not assist nomads or people without a fixed address. One would only have to look at countries such as France and Italy and some other EU country that, for such cases, have a provision that legalizes the status of itinerant people or those that do not have a permanent residence.

Therefore, from this website, we urge the Spanish authorities to take action on this matter. The problem of nomadism in motorhomes and caravans will not stop, rather on the contrary, since it is presumable - if we take into account the statistics of recent years - that it will gradually increase to become a problem of unknown dimensions.

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