Cadiz, an interesting place visit

Cadiz is a varied and interesting province to visit. Motorhomers can have a good time, since there are a number of stopovers to spend the night. In case someone decides to visit Cadiz, the following stopovers may be convenient.

BARBATE - Rate applies
Address: Avenida del Mar, s/n, 11160 -  Barbate (Cádiz)
Telephone: +34 856 10 83 99 - www.puertosdeandalaucia.es 
Number of places: 36  
GPS coordinates:  N 36°11'02.2" / W 5°56'08.7"  | 36.183611, -5.935556
Daily rate: €12 -  Only emptying and drinking water: € 3 - Electricity: € 0.08 per hour (prices 2018). In any case, check prices on the mentioned website.
Services: toilets, showers, drinking water and emptying. Ask for a key in the port office. Purchases can be made in the city center, 1.2 km, approx.
It is a city with more than 22,500 inhabitants. It is located on the Coast of Cadiz, between the municipalities of Conil and Tarifa, and in the area of influence of the Strait of Gibraltar. The municipal term of Barbate has a unique coastal character, and limits at both ends by the beaches of Zahara de los Atunes and Zahora.
Source: Ports of Andalusia

Address: Calle de Las Rosas, 2, 11350  - Castellar de la Frontera (Cádiz)
http://www.castellardelafrontera.es/  - Telephone: +34 956 69 30 01

Photo: Ayto. Castellar
de la Frontera
Number of places: 16  - Maximum stay: 72 hours - Name of the stopover: Área de Castellar
GPS coordinates: 
N 36°17'00.0" / W 5°25'16.9"  | 36.283333, -5.421389
Services: Drinking water and emptying of gray water and chemical WC. Purchases when shopping in the town, 300 meters, approx. Check holidays and certain weekends, as the area may not be available. There are bike lanes and hiking trails.
Castellar de la Frontera
It is a population with just over 3,000 inhabitants. Near the villa are the "White Villages". In the old town its fortress is located (ss. XII-XV), in perfect state of conservation although restored. Inside the castle is one of the few examples that exist of an inhabited nucleus inside a fortification. It retains a marked medieval character, with its winding layout of clean and whitewashed streets.
Source: Castellar de la Frontera

CÁDIZ - Parking del Muelle Reina Sofía (al lado del puerto) - Rate applies
Mixed parking, cars and motorhomes (except holidays).
Address: Paseo Almirante Pascual Pery, 4, 11004 - Cádiz.
GPS coordinates: N 36.53762° / W 6.29003°
Location map
Tel.: 607 87 78 49  -  Website: Parking del Muelle Reina Sofia
Exclusive price for motorhomes € 3 per day (2016 rate - check prices on the website) daily (except carnival and holidays).
Unofficially, there is the possibility to empty (in the services) and drinking water; You have to ask at the reception. Very convenient parking, close to the centre of Cadiz.
Source: autocaravaning.org

EL BOSQUE - Free of charge

Address: Calle de Juan Ramón Jiménez, s/n, El Bosque (Cádiz).
Telephone: +34 956 72 70 72  - More info:  www.elbosqueweb.es
Number of places: 5 (no reserved places) -  Maximum stay: 48 hours
Coordenadas GPS:   
N 36°45'28.0" / W 5°30'36.9" |  36.757778, -5.510278
Location map
Services: Shopping and restaurants in the centre of the town, just over 400 meters.
Drinking water, gray water discharge and chemical WC.
El Bosque
The Northeast of the province is located, at the foot of the Sierra de Grazalema. The municipality is located in the mountains of the same name, on the banks of the Majaceite River and Los Alcornocales Natural Park. It is part of the White Villages route.
Source: Ayto. El Bosque.

ALGODONALES  - Free of charge
Address: Calle Zahara de la Sierra, 19, 11680, Algodonales (Cádiz)
Number of places: 80  -Name of the stopover: Sierra de Lijar.
Maximum stay: 72 hours
GPS coordinates:  N 36°52'34.9" / W 5°24'32.3" |  36.876346, -5.408979
Open from September 1 to June 30.
Services: drinking water, emptying of gray water and chemical WC.
Shopping in the centre of the villa, just over 400 m.
It is a population with more than 5,500 inhabitants.
In the shadow of the Sierra de Líjar is this charming white town with streets full of orange trees and lively with the murmur of its twelve fountains, including the Algarrobo. To the prehistoric sites of Cueva Santa, Chamusquina, Castillejo and Cerro de la Botinera are added monuments such as the Parish Church of Santa Ana, a late Baroque style complex with neoclassical elements.

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