A family travels around the world by motorhome

Here is the great saga of The Fernández Ramírez, a Spanish family, who made the trip of their lives around the world. They have spent 3 years and 3 months traveling 4 continents and 43 countries, which translates into more than 97,000 kilometers of travel. For this they have used their motorhome, which they called 'Maggie', and 2 campers, 21 ferries, 3 cargo ships and 27 flights.

Photo: blog.viajarenfamilia.net
The adventure officially began on July 8, 2016. In 2007, when his daughter Carla was still a baby and Alejandro was not born, they bought the motorhome. They had always liked to travel, and therefore they opened a travel blog in which they were telling their experiences. They had always had the idea of going around the world, but they saw it as "something impossible," according to Nati.

When Javier, who was engaged in construction, lost his job, they began to consider it more seriously. "There were several circumstances that caused the idea, and we thought why not," says Nati. They sold a second residence they had in Majorca and embarked on the adventure.

The first stage of their trip toured Europe, from July to December 2016. That Christmas they returned home while their motorhome headed for Latin America, the second and longest stage of their adventure, which took place between January 2017 and June 2018 Then they traveled by plane to Asia (stage to which 'Maggie' could not accompany them), where they remained until September of that year. The fourth stop was Oceania - from September to December 2018 - and the last one, North America - from January to December 2019 -. Finally, on October 2, they returned to Seville, although they later moved to Belgium briefly to pick up their motorhome, which again crossed the Atlantic Ocean in a cargo ship.

For the family, the best thing about this trip has been the coexistence with all the people they have met, especially in Latin America: «people invite you and welcome you, what little they have they give you», explains Nati. On the other hand, what they have missed most has been "family and friends, without a doubt, but also the food: the ham and usual Spanish dishes," says Nati.
Their return to San José de la Rinconada (Seville) is not the end of adventures of this family. Nati and Javier are already thinking about their next destination.
Source: https://blog.viajarenfamilia.net/

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