New stopover/aire, Santander, Spain

Santander will have a motorhome stopover at the end of June. Work on the installation of the site has already begun.

New stopover/Aire, Santander, Spain
The new stopover/aire is being built at Marino Fernández Fontecha street, between "Las Llamas" and the university campus, located just over 3 km from the city centre. This area will have 25 parking spaces and essential services, drinking water, chemical and gray water discharge.

Santander is one of the most visited places by Spanish and foreign motorhomers.

The population is approximately 175,000. It is the most populated city of the autonomous community, being also the head of the metropolitan area of ​​Santander, a conurbation of more than 300 000 inhabitants that extends around the Bay of Santander. It is the provincial capital and also the capital of the northernmost Autonomous Community of Spain, 

The city is among the most elegant and beautiful of the north coast of Spain, is the ideal destination to visit. Both the sea and the mountain are present in this town, its charming terraces, the good gastronomic offer and the spectacular bay, recognized as one of the most beautiful in the world. These characteristics attracts the visit of motorhomers from Spain and other European countries.

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