New motorhome stopover in Oion, Alava, Spain

The Oion town hall, located in Alava (Basque Country) (in the so called "Rioja Alavesa"-an important wine district area-, joins the network of motorhome stopovers, "aires", in Spain.

New motorhome stopover in Oion, Alava, Spain
Oion town hall, Alava (Basque Country), Spain
Inaugurated since the 13th of the April, the stopover/aire is already underway. It meets all the conditions for motorhomes, parking, drinking water, grey water and chemical discharge.

On the other hand, the town of Oyón is very well located, less than 6 km from the centre of Logroño (in an area adjoining the Rioja), is 60 km from Vitoria (capital of Alava) and 80 km from Pamplona (Navarre).

The stopover is located in the sports area of the village,

The construction of the stopover has been an initiative of the authorities of the city council itself. Is free of charge.

Oyón (in Basque language Oion and officially Oyón-Oion) is a municipality belonging to the province of Alava, in the autonomous community of the Basque Country. It has a population of over 3100 inhabitants.

As it is normal in this part of Spain, in Oyón there is a good gastronomic and wine offer with the production of very good wines.

New motorhome stopover in Oion, Alava, Spain
Photo: Caja Vital Kutxa. Harvest feast in Oyón, Alava (Basque Country), Spain

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