More than 25 countries participated in the 84th FICC International Rally Ponte de Lima, Portugal, 2016

More than 1000 participants and 25 countries shared the 84th FICC International Rally in Ponte de Lima

International parade by the participant countries, 84th FICC International Rally, 2016
29th July to 7th August, 2016

The attractive medieval town of Ponte de Lima (located in the district of Viana do Castelo), known as the oldest town in Portugal, hosted in Expolima the 84th FICC International Rally. The event ran from 29th July to 7th August, 2016.

FICC international rallies are held every year during the summer, taking place in different countries of Europe and other continents. The FICC maintains the traditon since 1933

It is worth mentioning that FICC rallies are celebrated since 1933. The first was held in England; these events, with the exception of the Second World War period, have been held annually until today.

Undoubtedly, we are talking about a worldwide unique Rally where caravanners and motorhomers from several continents, including China and other eastern countries, get together. Originally, these rallies were composed mostly of tents and caravans. Today tents have been relegated to a small number of participants, used only by some young people. however, in the last 10 years motorhomes are increasing, becoming majority in many of these events.

Ponte de Lima 
Is a city located on the south bank of the Lima river, in front of a magnificent Roman bridge with semicircular arches. Its setting, along with a relaxed atmosphere, makes it one of the most beautiful small towns in Portugal.
Ponte de Lima was founded on the site of a Celtic settlement and developed by the Romans, who believed that Lima was the Lethe, the mythical river of Forgetfulness (According to mythology, visitors crossing would forget everything and remain forever).

The villa is well stocked with cafes, typical restaurants, museums, gardens with great walks through the streets of the city and by both banks of the Lima river.

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