knowing speed limits in towns and outside towns in Europe

Enjoy your holidays! But do not forget to check speed limits, for both your sake and other drivers.

Driving rules are different in each country; so if you travel to other countries, it is always advisable to do a little research before leaving. Knowing the speed limits and laws of the country you are visiting will make your driving safer in order to stay away from speeding or any other unnecessary problems.
See the following table.

Regarding to speed limits for motorhomes, there are different speed limits in several European countries.

Road rules in Europe

Please, note that speed limits for GVW apply in different countries; if otherwise not stated, the GVW (gross vehicle weight) is 3.5 tonne. If some of the above boxes are not filled is due to unknown or non existent data.

Abreviations: M/way, Motorway; H/way, Highway; t, tonne

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