Living in a motorhome is becoming an interesting option

Photo: lavoixdunord.fr
The number of people opting to live for long periods in their motorhome has increased considerably. In any case, there are very few people like Alain Thomas, a French citizen, who had decided to sell his house and live permanently in his motorhome.
(An aside before continuing, it should be pointed out -for those people who are unaware of the RV's world. The above situation can't be compared with someone who probably remain homeless and live in a motorhome or caravan, there are even nomadic groups that live likewise. But this is a different issue –for another article-, since it is happening in many European countries).

Alain Thomas was a truck driver from Saint-Omer, his hometown in France. Years ago he lived and worked in the United States. It was there that he became a staunch supporter of Elvis Presley, music played very often in his motorhome.

Alain Thomas stated "I can’t stand living in my apartment or even in a house. My preferred living place is the motorhome, I don’t see it otherwise. It is impossible for me to stand between four walls; it really makes me feel like if I was in prison".

Of course, Alain has a 9 meter motorhome, including almost anything that one can have in a house.

"Certainly, since I was in the USA, the motorhome became for me the American dream. I knew that on my return to Europe an RV would be my house", he explained.

"I lived in an apartment Saint-Omer, he said. I live alone, I love going out on weekends. I can never sleep so well as I do in my motorhome; moreover, the outside noise does not bother me; indeed, as I am used to it, is like a kind lullaby for my ears, a great habit from many years of traveling with my truck."

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