Yorkshire Coast to clamp down on motorhomes

A big clampdown on motorcaravans parking overnight in the Yorkshire Coast holiday areas. 

As it usually happens, protests by campsites and the tourist industry is working against motorcaravanners. Thus giving the green light to ban motorcaravans.

That has been the decision of the North Yorkshire County Council’s Yorkshire Coast and Moors Area Committee councillors. to stop motorcaravans parking on holiday areas at Whitby, Sandsend and other destinations such as Scarborough, Filey and Cayton Bay.

As it has been alleged, there is a report denouncing the bad procedure of motorcaravanners in that region.

However, the main question is why are motorcaravanners denied parking overnight in many parts of the UK?, giving no alternative at all. Whereas these type of services are considered normal procedure in Germany, France, Italy, Spain and Portugal (and many other countries) providing services at reasonable prices and, in many cases, free of charge. 

Unfair traffic rules
It is controversial and difficult to understand that one could stay overnight in car and not in a motorcaravan.

Unfortunately, certain UK regions, as it is the case in the Yorkshire Coast, are subjected to continuous pressure by hoteliers and campsites alike. 
It is clear that local authorities have neither analysed the real situation of motorcaravanning nor the possibility of making reasonable business, as it is done by our European neighbours.

On the other hand, if some motorcaravanners do not respect traffic rules should be penalised. However, a total ban is not a correct response. Sooner or later a fair solution, without the interference of campsites and hoteliers, has to be found.  

Parking overnight
And the policy of forcing motorcaravanning into campsites is not a correct attitude. The UK will have to change it's policy since that is already history in other countries. 
According to traffic rules, in a large number of European countries, a motorcaravan up to 3.5 ton is permitted to park or stay overnight -as long as no camping gear or anything of the sort is displayed outside the vehicle perimeter.
In any case, if parking is not possible at one destination an alternative should be given. And that is where stopovers, if properly regulated, can solve the problem.

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