Gamping, a different type of camping site offering value for money

Gamping offers fairer prices in comparison to some excesses of actual camping sites, charging -in many cases- unjustified prices. 
(not to be confused with farm camping)
Gamping is the contraction of "garden+camping". Is a new concept of camping, affordable for most people.
It consists in offering gardens in large homes, stately homes or mansions that are ready to provide the service. It is available for caravanners, motorhomers and tenters.

It is a very tempting system, you can camp differently by an average price of € 7.50 per night, with access to certain facilities, such as swimming pool, showers, toilets, barbecue, tennis courts, breakfast, etc.

Facility to book on the website: www.gamping.fr, also in English and German languages.
For example, in France there are over 2000 locations where it is possible to choose a real vacation site. Since this formula is much more personalized, you often develop a real relationship with the host or owner of the sites to visit.

The offer already covers a number of European countries, including Spain and Portugal, South America, Canada and some African destinations.

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