France, parking restrictions for motorhomes

Photo: Hervé Pinson
Parking restrictions for motorhomes in a French village.

Although in France motorhome parking and stopovers are all over the country; sometimes may happen that a town decides unilaterally (against national parking regulations) to forbid parking, even without any alternative.

And this has been happening to motorhomers trying to park in Bernerie-en-Retz.
Apparently, a lawsuit filed by the Motorhome Liaison Committee since 2012 has given results.
Until now, vacationers on motorhomes were pretty well covered in this town on the French Atlantic coast.
The Motorhome Liaison Committee (Le Comité de liaison du camping-car) requested the withdrawal of parking restrictions for these recreational vehicles in La Bernerie-en-Retz village, situated in the Loire region, France.

The Liaison Committee of the  National Association of Motorhomes made the appeal to the administrative court, to restore parking for motorhomes in Bernerie-en-Retz, on the Côte de Jade. A municipal decree forbids such vehicles to park anywhere in town. The municipal officials of the Nantes administrative court agreed with the CLC, advocating to cancel the restriction and order the town to pay the Association 1,500 Euros in legal fees.

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