A Unique Motorhome built for his Little Daughter

Wired has a great article about a guy who spent four years designing and building a vehicle that could clearly be called the ultimate motorhome including ALL, that is certainly the dream of every geek.

With a 260 hp engine range of 3000 km and 10 meters long; includes a motorcycle, solar panels, external pockets and space for several jobs - but the most fun is a sort of "loft" that serves as a bedroom for the little girl.

Ferren is working on a computerized chair for Kira that cancels out the bumps in the road. “I thought, how do I make sure she can watch Sesame Street How do I make sure she’s comfortable?”. Photo: Art Streiber

Other cool gadgets are a mast with HD camera, weather station, light sensors and even radar. It also takes several GPS, 26 independent radio stations (!!) for voice and data (GPS, amateur radio station for global communications, musical radio, emergency, satellite ...) and several 11-inch screens on the dashboard, showing the vehicle systems with images of the outside - both real and 3D.

The KiraVan which is called as, in tribute to his daughter Kira is not just a motorhome, is rather a full-blown rover. Their existence is not necessary, but work on it and have creating it is probably the most fun in the world; hence it is a project that is really worthwhile.

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