The CCI Card Issued by the FICC

On January 1st, 2014, came into force the new CCI card issued by the FICC.
We are pleased to confirm that the FICC is, as of the above date, the only CCI (Camping Card International) issuing entity
The news is of particular significance because we have just celebrated the 80th Anniversary of the FICC; no doubt, the CCI card occupies a very important part in the long history of the Federation ramaining the hallmark that unites our member clubs and associations with more prospects than ever.
At the end of 2013, after lengthy negotiations, covered almost 2 years period, ended the takeover process. The FICC has now reserved rights and sole control on the CCI card worldwide.

Brief History of the CCI card
In fact, the CCI card has returned in full to the FICC; so to speak, it remains in the FICC house where it all began, the card was created in 1934. The "CCI card", as we we know it today, was introduced in the 90s (by extension, known by many as the FICC card).
Between the 30’s and 50’s it was reached an agreement with 2 other entities known worldwide, the FIA (Fédération Internationale d l’Automobile) and AIT (Alliance Internationale de Tourism). From now on the CCI card will be for exclusive use of federations and clubs associated to the FICC .

In short, from now on those clubs or federations who were getting their CCI card from FIA or AIT will not able to have this card; unless they apply to the FICC, as it has been already done by some associations.
However, at least this year, CCI cards will not change their appearance, except the reverse of the card where the FICC logo or any other requested design will be produced. Furthermore, since federations and clubs still have old cards in stock, they will be honoured by the FICC throughout the year 2014. Consequently, both types of cards will be active until December 31st, 2014.

What are the benefits of this new situation for members?
The FICC, as single issuing entity, has now a great scope; hereafter may take advantageous decisions for members without having to consult with any other entity (as it happened in the past). The results of this new procedure will be noticed gradually, the FICC has launched a new interactive website and started a line of action in order to get benefits for members and associates worldwide.

The FICC today
Currently the FICC is formed by 70 clubs and federations from 40 countries in the world with over 6 million members plus their families and, in spite of the economic crisis, numbers are going up due new incorporations worldwide (Asia and Europe).

The FICC team

The following is the CCI website by the FICC in 7 languages:

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