The oldest international camping, caravanning and motor caravanning federation

June 4 1933 is a landmark date in the 80 year history of our international camping federation because it was on that day that the very first F.I.C.C. General Assembly was held during the very first International F.I.C.C. Rally. In 2011, the term Motorcaravanner was added to the title and logo and, at the beginning of 2012, the Federation’s official title changed to “Fédération Internationale de Camping, Caravanning et Autocaravaning“.

At the outset, this international association comprised 13 clubs in 7 countries but today the numbers have soared to 70 clubs in 38 countries. F.I.C.C.’s international youth rallies held at Easter each year started in 1952 and have always been immensely popular as have F.I.C.C.’s annual summer rallies (one of which always includes the annual General Assembly) held in Europe, North America and Asia.
Source: FICC Secretariat 

The Association is working hard to modernize motor caravanning at European level, read more:

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