Spanish campsite Entrepreneurs Versus Motorcaravanners

First of all, let me say that this allegation is not intended just for the sake of criticism of campsite owners or entrepreneurs; simply, it is to state the facts with the utmost consideration for those camping site owners doing their job, who, unlike others, understand motorcaravanning, showing insight and respect for the client, since many motorcaravanners frequently use campsites.
Following the above, the unnecessary complaints of some campsite owners denote a lack of style and professionalism, an attitude that overshadows the good work of other campsite owners who are committed to improving every day.
Complaints against their own customers
This comment is based on the continuing demands for legal actions against motorcaravanners as part of their daily schedule; their present attitude is leading them to a dead end, a waste of energy that could well be aimed at attracting new customers and to keep the ones they have (among them many motorhomers).
The disastrous management of municipal campsites
I regret to add that in Spain there is a clear collusion between certain camping entrepreneurs and managers with political influence and even, I dare to say, questionable vested interest in some municipalities, one has only to observe the high number of local campsites which are now useless investments, all paid with public money, that is to say the taxpayers, all due to disastrous mismanagement, with no benefit for users and municipalities. This procedure is not the right policy for Spanish campsites.

Motorcaravanners are not against of campsites
As a member of an international organization (FICC, "Fédération Internationale de camping, caravaning et autocaravaning") I believe camping is a traditional way of open air tourism. As many people might remember, years ago, camping accommodation was a mean of holidays for people with fewer resources, but now a campsite can be as expensive as a hotel. Of course, I understand is not my business; nevertheless, it would be a good idea to reflect on this issue.

The customer has always the right of choice
In conclusion, there is no doubt that we could discuss on how to improve certain motorcaravanning aspects; nevertheless, we can't deny the fact that it should be accepted on the same conditions, always in accordance with the law, as in other parts of Europe. It is unacceptable to try to change the rules of the game for motorhomes.

Therefore, the key question of this argument is to leave motorhomers decide whether they wish to stay in a campsite or not; forcing the issue is not the right way to attract motorcaravanners to campsites.

José I. González

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