The Motorcaravanning Commission, FICC, in Europe

The Purpose of the Motor Caravanning Commission in Europe

Our Commission is composed of six members who are dedicated exclusively to the motorhome world. The FICC motorcaravanning team is working at European level;  the Commission members boast a long career in the world of associations and are closely linked to motorcaravanner’s daily activities.
No doubt this Delegation is representing the vast majority of motorcaravanners in Europe, including Russia, carrying out various assignments for the benefit of the Motorcaravanning community.
The appearance of the motorcaravan or motorhome in the Itinerant Tourism scenery has been revolutionary, this is an undeniable fact which has changed and given a higher value to the RV industry and, on the other hand, has expanded tourism to an unexpected dimension becoming a favourite hobby for millions of people worldwide.
For this reason, the efficiency on the running of Motorcaravanning is one of the main duties of this Commission which is taking care in applying all necessary procedures to improve and update recommendations on the following:
  1. Environmental protection: An essential part of motorcaravanning that must be taken care of.
  2. Motorcaravanning in Europe: More facilities for motorcaravanning at European level.
  3. Quality and Standard Control of stopovers/aires: A vital part of the new image for motorcaravanning.
  4. Good Practice: Taking responsibility for our own actions is synonymous of consideration for others.
  5. Universal Signposting: It will make it easier and accessible to all motorcaravanners travelling in the European continent.
  6. Standard Gas Installation and Detection System: A valuable common criterion is preventing today for tomorrow’s security.
  7. Upgrading of the B Driving Licence: Increasing weight limit for these vehicles will help as well to increase security.
  8. Communication: A good idea that is shared with others will live forever.
  9. Working with other associations: It is the great challenge for a successful planning of Itinerant Tourism in the whole of Europe.
  10. Motorcaravan description: Definition, information and uses around the world.

And many other items that can be discussed if needed or required by members.

Cheerful greetings to all!
Commission Members
José Iglesias González
Spain - Chairman
Les Kendrick
United Kingdom
Chris Wells
Gianni Piccili
Gérard Couté
Stan Stolwerk
The Netherlands
A team working for the welfare of the European motohomer,
The Motorcaravanning Commission, FICC

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