By Jose I. Gonzalez, motorhomer

We deserve to have a better image
Most motorhomers are respectful and follow the “Code of Good Practice”. However, it is important to stress that the attitude of a few unconscious people in places like San Sebastian and Salamanca, in Spain, and also in other European countries are causing discomfort; complaints about the behaviour of motorhomers are becoming usual -indeed, this is a very bad symptom. For example, is common for some to take chairs tables, etc., out and placing them next to vehicle in the street, as you would do in a campsite. Essentially, some people forget that a motorhome, like any other vehicle, in a parking place, is not allowed to camp; camping is only permitted in a camping site or in places designated for such activity.

What every motorhomer should know
This website is always in favour of the European Motorcaravanning rights; just the same, we will not avoid constructive criticism. We believe that eliminating certain behaviours that are highly damaging the reputation of motorhomers in Europe would be a great achievement for all us who practice motorhoming. As a rule, camping with a motorhome, in places forbidden by law, occupying an area greater than its perimeter, as a result of opening windows to the exterior, use of awnings, tables, chairs or similar used to the practice of camping may result in a fine or even the vehicle immobilization by the local authorities.

We are the most interested party in giving a good example
Of course, the inappropriate behaviour of a minority it seems to be profitable (or so they think) for some campsite owners (non-generalized, since a good number of them do a proper job) who do not have professional ethics. For this reason, primarily we, the motorhomers, are the most interested party in giving a good example of “Good Practice”.

Motorhomes up to 3,5 ton have the same parking rights as a car
In the European Union, a motorhome is a vehicle with the same rights as a car, provided its weight is not more than 3,5 ton; therefore, regarding to  parking regulations, it can be considered like a car.

The difference between parking and camping
On the other hand, if a car driver is resting or sleeping, etc. in his vehicle nobody would think is camping. Sometimes motorhome drivers can be unreasonably accused of being camped, merely for resting in the vehicle. Unfortunately, This unacceptable procedure is exercised by some authorities in some European countries when it comes to motorhome drivers.

However, as mentioned before, the sight of motorhomers, as shown in the picture above, practicing camping on road parking places, breaking the rules of “Good Practice” is out of order. In this case, clubs and federations should give “loud and clear” information to stop these actions from damaging the good name of motorhomers, is the only way to build trust and respect in Europe.

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