Motorhome Breakdown

Even with the best planning in the world sometimes were just unlucky, so it makes sense to have a reliable backup plan in the form of a reputable recovery company. A good recovery company can often fix the problem by the side of the road, but if they cant will tow your motorhome to the nearest approved repairer to get you back on the road as soon as possible.

However, because of the size of motorhomes compared to normal cars you need to make sure that the recovery company you use are aware of the size and weight of your motorhome and have adequate capacity to tow your vehicle away. Ideally look for a company who have no size or weight restrictions and are specialists in motorhome recovery, as companies such as this will have no problem recovering your vehicle, even in harsh winter weather conditions.

If your breakdown is because of an accident, e.g. you have skidded on black ice and damaged your wheel arch, then you need to make sure you are covered for the damage to the motorhome as well. This is where a specialist motorhome insurance company comes in, as they will generally be able to cover you for everything from fairly minor damage to a total write off, and provide peace of mind that is an absolute necessity for those who are thinking of winter motorhoming.

Choosing the right motorhome breakdown cover is crucial. A simple mechanical fault can ruin your break and end up costing more than you paid for your holiday in the first place. You need to for a specialist service that includes some of the most comprehensive benefits to cover you in case of breakdown.

Some motorhome insurance companies also offer UK and European breakdown as part of their policy, meaning you only deal with one company. Be sure to choose a specialist motorhome insurer who offers a breakdown service which is specifically tailored to motorhomers, with no size or weight restrictions – so you can be sure you have got your back covered when braving the roads this winter.
By Willson

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