Motorhomes in old towns or narrow streets

 Caution should be exercised when entering old town centers; the purpose is to avoid difficult situations with possible damage to your vehicle, property and even a fine.

Photo: vocesdecuenca.com

This is relevant because some motorhomes are involved in this type of situation in European cities.

A recent example of this fact comes from the news published in the news media of the city of Cuenca (Spain), see the photograph above.

A motorhome was trapped between the houses while trying to pass through Melchor Cano street in the capital of Cuenca. According to people who witnessed the events.
As a result, the said vehicle had to reverse gear with the consequent offense for traveling in the prohibited direction. And it is not the first time that a fine has been paid for an incident of this type.

On the other hand, in some of the cities with old town quarters it is prohibited to circulate for vehicles of more than 2 meters wide, as is the case of the old town of Cuenca. In general, motorhomes are around 2.30 meters.
If you are going to visit the old part of a city, you can find out in advance on the town hall website or contact the tourist office in the area.

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