Motorhome of more than € 1,500,000 with Mercedes car included

 The Vario Perfect ultra-luxury motorhome of more than € 1,5 million is 2 Mercedes in 1

The Perfect 1200 Platinum. A true exclusive motorhome built on a Mercedes triple axle chassis, this 1200 model features a massive living space expanded by three electro-hydraulic side sliders and enhanced with disco-level audio and smart lighting, all home appliances, and a garage. XXL big enough to carry a high-powered grand tourer... say, a Mercedes-AMG GT.

It measures 12 meters in length, with a gross vehicle weight of 26 tons. We can't even imagine captaining this beastly wheeled yacht through the small, narrow roads of European cities and towns, but we would certainly be willing to climb into the passenger seat and accompany them on the journey.

However, the highlight on the exterior of this particular Perfect 1200 display model is the extra long garage, Variomobil's largest garage option. On the photo above, it's shown just seconds from gobbling up a two-door Mercedes-AMG GT. The garage is also designed with the Porsche 911 in mind and can of course accommodate smaller class cars like the Mini Cooper. Also includes an optional slide-in e-bike charger and charging station.

The impact of the spacious living room is immediately felt upon entering the Perfect 1200. A corridor wide enough for two passengers to walk side by side without the slightest touch. The sofa divides the front dining room and kitchen from the rear dining corner. Living room-level power recliners serve as seats for the driver and front passenger, and swivel to join the sofa and side recliner to create a spacious living room for six. Plus, an optional 43-inch flat screen hangs over the driver's cab (on top of the windshield), and you'll have a comfortable TV room.

No doubt, the worst thing about this extraordinary vehicle is the price. However, dreaming is easy; why not, one day we can win the lottery.😀

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