A motorhome is the ideal vehicle to move around and carry your own office

The pandemic reminds us that we can not only move around for leisure in a motorhome, it can also be used as office, etc.

Of course, the motorhome is very useful for people and professionals who need to travel around the country.

Contrary to what happens in the US, in Europe there is still a false belief that the motorhome is exclusively for vacations and leisure outings. Nothing could be further from the truth, a good number of professionals already use these vehicles as an office or to travel, as is the case of sales representatives, executives, etc.

No doubt, the COVID-19 pandemic has made it easier for more people to think of a motorhome to use it in their working life. Clearly, a world of possibilities opens up for many people.

As mentioned, in the US or Canada this way of life was already common for many professionals, since the use of these RVs have a much broader concept when it comes to their use. It should be added that they also have more facilities, such as suitable stopovers or sites for staying overnight. The latter is something that we still have to improve in the European continent, in some countries.

Certainly, the way of mobility in motorhomes begins to be seen as "a before and after the pandemic". The motorhome sector, due to its individualized form - since, on a small scale, it contains the same thing as a house - is considerably strengthened in the market. 

It should be remembered that this sector generates benefits not only for dealers, but also for the cities or villages they visit and even for private sites.

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