How to buy a new motorhome?

 What errors should be avoided when buying a motorhome? What is the price of a motorhome? Are some of the questions asked by the new buyers of these vehicles.

How to buy a new motorhome?
Usually you would buy a new motorhome in a dealership or in an exhibition hall, etc., to enjoy the guarantee. 
What aspects should be taken into account?
In the budget that you are going to dedicate to purchase a motorhome you should pay special attention to the maintenance expenses, (this will avoid many surprises). You may want to take into account the following suggestions:
  • The cost of financing the motorhome, especially if the interest rate is too high.
  • Annual expenses for service maintenance of the vehicle.
  • Garage to keep the motorhome.
  • The average cost of fuel, according to use.
  • Tolls, if you plan to use highways; the price may be higher, depending on the size of the vehicle, and if it has dual rear wheels. On French motorways any motorhome pays around 40% more than a car.
  • The insurance of a medium size motorhome (fully comprehensive, and depending on how many accidents have been reported to the insurer) can range between 600 to 700 euros (estimated prices for drivers over 25 years old) euros per year for a new motorhome. 
  • The depreciation of an average vehicle is calculated around 2,000 euros per year, approximately. This assumption is important, if you plan to sell it at some time.
  • The MOT test (UK, Ministry of Transport, or simply MOT) is an annual test of vehicle safety and roadworthiness aspects. Other EU countries have different denominations.
  • Documents that we must demand when buying a motorhome.
Vehicle documentation and spare parts:
  • A vehicle log book (V5) is a legal document issued by the DVLA, outlining proof of ownership and specific vehicle details.
  • Road tax.
  • Instruction manual and guarantee of all the devices incorporated in the motorhome: refrigerator, stove, heater, awning, air conditioning, bicycle rack, etc.
  • Certificate of gas installation 
  • Replacement bulbs
  • Emergency triangles (two)
  • Spare wheel
The above are some of the main items that should be taken into account when preparing your budget to purchase a motorhome.

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