Hobbit-sized village by motorhome, New Zealand

Just south of Auckland lies Matamata, a rural village in the Hamilton-Waikato region; a land of lush pastures that was chosen to play The Shire in The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit films.

In New Zealand, for ten years, it is quite permissible to be encouraged - to feel as a Hobbit -, and track the many filming locations in the country. This is one of the many ways to visit the wonderful scenic view, among other beautiful things, on a visit to New Zealand. And, if you decide to go there, it can be a lot more fun if you rent a motorhome*.

In bringing to the screen the thousands of pages of JRR Tolkien, Peter Jackson -the director- offered his country a funny gift. Maybe not be one second identity, but at least (the feat is not small) a geography and also an unexpected tourist imaginary. 

By transposing the fantastic scenery in the southern hemisphere, carefully designed by Tolkien himself, Jackson and his team have literally uprooted the landscape of New Zealand, almost all universes of a work deeply rooted in mythologies of eastern and northern Europe, created... at 18 000 kilometers away. Bucolic countryside, marshes, strong enchanted peaks and sparkling mountains, wild rivers; the County of Mordor, Rohan plains of the undergrowth of Lothlorien, look no further. All these worlds do exist now on earth, blazing a true path of pilgrimage on the cards distributed among the most courted Tourism in that part of New Zealand.

*Regarding motorhome rental in New Zealand, prices are much more affordable than in Europe. You can rent a motorhome for 4 people, approximately, for € 30/40 per day – in pound sterling £ 22/30 per day (1 NZD, New Zealand Dollar, is equivalent to € 0.66). As an example, see the following website:

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