84th FICC International Rally, Ponte de Lima, Portugal, 2016

On April 23rd was held the presentation of the 84th FICC International Rally in Ponte de Lima, Portugal, to be carried out from July 29th to August 7th 2016.

The FICC Council, the Mayor of the City, several officials and representatives of the Portuguese Federation (FCMP) and the Spanish Federation (FECC), attended the opening ceremony. The FICC president, Joao Alves Pereira, was the main speaker at the presentation, revealing the resources that participants will enjoy during the celebration of this unique event; besides the effort of the organizing group, led by the president of the FICC -with the support of the Portuguese Federation-, the whole team is aiming to prepare an unforgettable Rally, looking forward to seeing you in Ponte de Lima, Portugal, 2016.

The FICC International Rally is a traditional European event which has been held annually (with the exception of the years of World War II) from 1933, the oldest known in the world. This event is attended by participants from Europe, including Russia and other continents as far away as USA and Asia; Moreover, in the last four years it is highlighted the active participation of China and Taiwan on FICC rallies.

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