Mercedes Zetros 6×6, the most luxurious and adventurous motorhome

Today we bring you two vehicles for the exploration and hunting in inhospitable territory without necessarily having their owners to give up the comfort and warmth that can be found in a small house. We are talking about the two exclusive motorhome Mercedes Zetros 6×6 that the German firm has just delivered for two clients Ulan Bator, Mongolia.

The chassis and mechanical components of the Mercedes-Benz Zetros 6×6 are based on employing the Actros and Axor. Hidden under the prominent hood, found a six-cylinder in line with 7.2 liter that delivers a maximum power of 326 hp and an amazing 1300 Nm of torque, available from just 1200 rpm. All differentials can be locked at will and as mainly used in the field, transmissions mounted a 20% shorter to ensure a slow but steady progress. In addition, to ensure sufficient autonomy, they have chosen to incorporate two fuel tanks with a capacity of 300 and 200 liters of diesel each.

Regarding the processing done to convert it into a motorhome has not been made ​​by Mercedes company, the exterior is the work of Hartmann Spezialkarosserien specialists, while the luxurious interior has been done by Huenerkopf equipment specialists. Logically, the structure was made taking into account the low temperatures at which they would face these two vehicles; but as owners say, they will also have to ride hot deserts-there is a powerful air conditioning system, the windows are double ceiling 10 centimetres thick and 5 centimetres walls.

But the interior is what drew me to this vehicle more than anything else; featuring luxurious, heated marble floors and beautiful minimalist woodwork throughout. It sounds over the top, but compared to many other high-end motorhomes, it’s actually wonderfully restrained and quite beautiful. The vehicle features a separate master bedroom as well as an electrically-lifted system which converts the dining area into additional berths. The media system consists of multiple flat panel TVs built into the walls of each room, a satellite receiver, DVD, a built-in Mac Mini, wireless router, and a sound system by Bose. This is powered by a diesel generator charging four 220 amp-hour batteries which also receive juice from the roof-mounted solar array. When the weather is too warm to warrant the radiant floor heating, air conditioning is provided, and is controlled individually in each room. The kitchen provides all of the typical niceties, and the bathroom goes one up on the standard fare by offering both a standalone shower and a bidet. There’s an outdoor shower too, if the weather and local customs are cooperative.
The final price for all this off-road luxury is approximately €800.000 

See more pictures on the following link: wallpaperup.com


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