Motorcaravanning Commission Meeting, FICC - Lisbon, Portugal, 2014

The Motorcaravanning Commission Meeting, Europe, has taken place for the first time in Lisbon, 22-April-2014

The Commission has celebrated the first meeting of the year at the headquarters of the FCMP (Federaçao de Campismo e Montanhismo de Portugal). The Portuguese Federation officially invited the Commission to hold the meeting in their Federation meeting room.
The Commission Meeting had the following participants: 
Commission members
João Alves Pereira, President of the FICC
Jose Iglesias Gonzalez, Chairman of the Commission and members: Les Kendrick, Chris Wells, Gianni Picilli, Gerárd Couté, Stan Stolwerk.

§   Portuguese Federation observers
João Queiroz, President of the Portuguese Federation (FCMP)
Jaime Santana, Vice-President of the Portuguese Federation (FCMP)
Antonio Sousa, member of the Portuguese Motorcaravanning Commission (FCMP)

The Commission debated important international matters such as the takeover of the CCI by the FICC; the future, possibilities and the great potential to be developed by adding value to the most important card in the world of Camping, Caravanning and Motorcaravanning.
The Commission reminded that at the end of 2013, after lengthy negotiations, covered almost 2 years period, ended the takeover process. The FICC has now reserved rights and sole control on the CCI card worldwide.

The FICC will continue with its traditional policy: staying faithful to its characteristic of non-profit organization; the FICC is committed to offer the most competitive card in Europe at the lowest price with more benefits for FICC members.

The renewal of the Camping Card International Website was also a subject of discussion. The following points were also part of the Commission agenda: 
  • Organization of the Motorcaravanning Commission
  • German toll charges
  • Parking discrimination for motorhomes in Portugal
  • Motorcaravanning documents (includes documents produced by the Commission –some of them in use by clubs and federations- since its creation in 2008).
These were only the main points elaborated by the Commission group.
Follow us on this website, we will keep you informed on our next meeting around September/October.

Cheerful greetings to all,

The Motorcaravanning Commission, FICC

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