The Motorcaravanning Commission, FICC, Paris 2013

Photo: www.motorcaravaning.eu

The Meeting of the Motorcaravanning Commission was held at the FFCC (Fédération Française de Camping et de Caravaning) in Paris, next to the Town Hall (known as "Hôtel de Ville" in French language).

The Motorcaravanning Commission, FICC (Fédération Internationale de Camping, Caravaning et Autocaravaning) has celebrated its Autumn Meeting at the French Federation headquarters in Paris. Furthermore, the Commission was also present at the well known 48th Recreational Vehicles Salon -48eme Salon de Véhicules de Loisir- in Le Bourget, Paris. This RV show takes place every year in Autumn.

Know the members purpose and objectives on the following link, FICC.Commision.members

The Commission discussed important current issues for the welfare of European Motorcaravanners as follows:
  1. Europe by motorcaravan
  2. The European Roadworthiness Test
  3. Proposal by one the members of the Commission for making improvements in the running of motorcaravanning
  4. Recommendations for better driving in Europe
  5. Motorcaravan stopovers /Aires -classification, security recommendations, stopover types
  6. FICC promotion scheme for motorhomes, stopovers, parking and stopovers in campsites
  7. Treaties and relations with non FICC motorhome clubs or federations 
The Motorcaravanning Commission, FICC, is a unique group in Europe working to update and improve conditions to benefit European motorhomers.

Finally, the next Motorcarvanning Commission Meeting will be celebrated in Portugal in 2014 (we apologize for having changed the place of the Meeting, it should have been in Portugal this year; nonetheless, it was due to unforeseen reasons. 
There will be more information in the beginning of the year 2014 on this website.

Until then, have a nice time and enjoy motorcaravanning!
To see photos, click on the following link for the 48th RV Show, Le Bourget, Paris,

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