Essential knowledge to buy a second hand motorhome

  1. Buy from an NCC Approved Dealership. The National Caravan Council launched the scheme last year. All dealerships in the scheme are assessed and must operate in an open, honest and fair manner. They must be committed to delivering high standards of customer satisfaction, and they must provide a greater level of consumer protection than is required by law. Further information can be found at www.approved-dealerships.co.uk
  2. Do not restrict the motorhome you look at based on price. Initially look at everything and decide what layout you feel would work best for you, then you can narrow it down to motorhomes of your chosen layout within your budget.
  3. Check tyres when looking at a vehicle to buy, tyres can be very old and show signs of perishing on the side walls, despite having plenty of tread it could be an MOT failure for the following year.
  4. Research the sales and after sales reputation of your chosen dealer before committing to buy.
  5. Ensure that a full habitation service, base vehicle service and MOT (if applicable) are carried out as part of the deal and prior to collection.
  6. Always agree in writing with the dealer that any worn or damaged parts will be repaired or replaced prior to collection.
  7. Confirm the length of used vehicle warranty and clarify the terms and conditions.
  8. Check the ‘Maximum Technical Permissible Laden Mass’ of your chosen vehicle and that your licence type will allow you to drive it. Also pay careful attention to the amount of available user payload. Ask you dealer to weigh the motorhome for you.
Source: Motor Caravanner, September 2013

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