Ten Top Tips for street parking and unguarded stopovers

  Theft prevention. For your own safety, when parking on public roads or unguarded stopovers, you may consider the following suggestions:

1. If you park after dark, choose always a well-lit area –where parking is allowed for motorhomes. Darkness has always been a good robbers’ ally.

2. When parking, according to your vehicle type, check that you are in the designated area marked for parking. Avoid unwanted surprises.

3. If possible, do not park in crowded tourist spots, very central areas or busy places. Remember that well known locations and famous landmarks are also very popular for thieves. 

4. Lock your doors properly –including when you are resting or sleeping-, check all windows and compartments.

5. If staying overnight, it is advisable to stay in a stopover or designated site; a guarded place is always recommended for long stays. 

6. Don’t leave valuables near the windscreen or dashboard; avoid being a target for thieves.

7. If you carry a bicycle or motorbike on the rear of your motorhome, make sure they are properly secured, even when you are parked. 

8. If your motorhome has an attached rear ladder change it for a foldable one; thus it can removed when not in use. Don't make it easy to climb up your vehicle.

9. Write down the address of your parking location; in case of emergency, it will be much easier to call the police, medical assistance, etc.

10. If you plan to make a long trip, especially abroad, you should have available the following:
  • A notebook with the main emergency numbers (although 112 is the emergency number for the European Union, there may be countries -such as those recently incorporated- that use local number);
  • Addresses and telephone numbers of consulates belonging to the sites to visit;
  • Next of kin or someone who can be contacted in case of emergency.
It is advisable to carry photocopies of your passport, ID card and driving licence (also for your family and/or accompanying travellers); above all, if you travel abroad, in case of loss or theft, it will be a great help for identification and further processing to recover the documents.

Source: www.autocaravaning.eu

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