90th International FICC Rally, A Guarda (Pontevedra), Spain, 2021

The 90th International FICC Rally will be held in A Guarda (Pontevedra), Spain, from June 18 to 27, 2021.

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, it is expected that this Rally can be held in June. The organizers of the FECC (Federación Española de Clubes Campistas) have already sent the relevant information to all European clubs.

The organization of the event is under control, it will be held at Camping Santa Tecla, located in A Guarda (Pontevedra), it is a well-equipped place, with all comforts for the said event. Everything is ready for participation, including booking form, programme and excursions.

The FICC, as sponsor of the event, is an international organization based in Brussels dating from 1933. From that year on, the so-called FICC Rallies were held annually. They were only canceled in World War II and in 2020, due to COVID-19.

We hope that this time, although with precautions dictated by the authorities, the celebration of this unique event in Europe and in the world will be possible.

Participation is possible for anyone who belongs to a club affiliated with the FICC with an updated card. Below you will see information related to the event:

Official website: www.rallyficc2021.com

Booking:  Booking form

Programme: Programme of activities

Camping Santa Tecla:  https://www.campingsantatecla.es/en/

We will continue to report on any news regarding this event.

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