Low Emission Zones, how to avoid fines in Europe

More temporary and permanent low emission zones are being introduced in Europe.

European road traffic is increasingly characterized by regional entry bans and environmental zones due to higher levels of nitrogen dioxide in cities and municipalities.

The EU Air Quality Directive 2008/50 / EC, in force since June 11, 2008, forms the basis for avoiding the health risks of fine dust and nitrogen dioxide.
This results in national rules and regulations, which are then implemented regionally or nationally in the corresponding EU countries, or applied in cities and municipalities through complicated national or local special rules or exceptions.

Therefore, Green-Zones shows commercial and tourist car traffic in Europe, what environmental zones are established in which countries, what regional regulations and exceptions are valid, what respective environmental badges and vignettes are required to enter or can be purchased, so avoid paying extremely high fines when driving into low emission zones without authorization.

Therefore, before traveling, make sure you have the corresponding vignette or sticker. Click on the following link to request your label in various parts of Europe:

Keep in mind that, depending on the year of registration of your vehicle, it will not be possible to drive through these low emission zones. See low emission areas in Europe:

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