The Future of Motor Caravanning in Spain

I want to underline that the following article is not intended to reflect any lesson for anyone. Is just the opinion of a motor caravanner.

In recent times we are witnessing some confusion in the world of motorhome in Spain; it should be perfectly avoidable. What's going on? Naturally, without underestimating the efforts of some clubs (they try to do what they can, according to the actual situation), motorhomers are perceiving a sense of helplessness with excessive accusations by some sectors. Unfortunately, it only contributes to a regrettable and futile criticism; unjustly, motorhomers are being the target of campsites and other tourism sectors.

We could also make a parallelism with the history of Spain, continuous disagreements and very little objectivity for the ultimate goal that should be unite motorhomers: for the good of all Spanish motorhomers nationwide, not only in each region (or, if I am allowed the expression, let's move away from what would be small taifa kingdoms), as it is currently happening.

Joint projects
With a small analysis we realize that in order to have joint projects it is not necessary for an entity to be subject to another, contrary to what is generally believed and that, without a doubt, is proving so harmful for our interests. Obviously, alliances will not be less effective; on the contrary, these projects would be much more reinforced when negotiating with the authorities by a unanimous agreement common to all clubs. As long as we do not think at national level, we will only generate different regulations that will create more confusion for motorhomes. The result of these actions will be regulations in 17 regions with the consequent trouble for motorhome users.

In conclusion
I dare to say that the great change of motorhome tourism should be the task of the Federation that has the representation at national level, and I say "it should" because in the current circumstances it does not seem possible.
However, we can continue as before or take a step forward and become something serious and lasting. We must not forget that motorhome tourism is just beginning, there are still many projects, beyond the possible regional regulations. Let's get away from fears and do the job properly. Although what is stated here for some people may seem Utopian, no one can deny that it is desirable. I am sure that in the end motorhomers would appreciate that good management.

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