Route 66 and the Colorado Canyon by Motorhome, USA

US 66, also known as Route 66, Will Rogers Highway, Carretera Madre, even referred to as the main highway of the United States of America, is the most original and historic of the entire American highway network.

This route crosses the USA. from east to southwest. Initially, Route 66 extended from Chicago (State of Illinois), passing through the states of Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and California, ending the journey in Los Angeles - around 3,950 km. (2,450 miles, approx.)

Many parts of the route were replaced by interstate highways; but, as a result of the popular demand to restore the historic Route 66, in recent years several parts of the traditional highway have been recovered.

In general, it is accepted that Route 66 can be completed in two weeks. However, the ideal would be a whole month on the road of this unique route.

In two weeks only the most popular sites and large cities could be visited. For this reason, it would be essential to use interstate highways to advance at a constant speed.

In a month, taking our time, one can follow a large part of the historic route, avoiding, as far as possible, these interstate highways. In this way, you can enjoy relaxed walks in historic areas, get lost in old villas of the American West, drink real beers, enjoy an outdoor movie before spending the night and enter a motel from the 50's. You can spend the night in a tent in indigenous camps and many other things.

Start of the historic Route 66, Chicago (Illinois)

Motorhome site and other recreational vehicles at the Grand Canyon of Colorado (Arizona).

Colorado Street Bridge, Colorado (Arizona)
Grand Canyon glass walkway that extends as a balcony over the Colorado River, elevated to over 1200 meters high.

Santa Monica Pier (California), end of Route 66


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