Gas bottles in the motorhome when travelling to other countries

Gas cylinder installation review:

The following pictures shows only some of the many different types of gas bottles available in Europe.

  • Motorhomes must be subject to a regular check of gas installation.
  • Some countries do not apply this security measure.
  • This may sound strange, but some of these countries are in the European Union. This security measure should be taken into account when large international rallies are held.
  • This is a basic step for security. The necessary measures could only be introduced with a universal regulation in Europe.
  • The different gas bottles for motorhomes are usually a setback for those who decide to spend long periods in another EU country.
  • Unfortunately, for these cases, there is no universal valve to connect different bottles. Therefore, before travelling abroad, it is necessary to take some measures regarding this issue.
➤There are 2 possibilities:
  • To buy a gas bottle in the country of arrival.
  • Carrying the little camping gas blue bottle, the only one present in all countries; it contains less than 3 kg of gas, it is not the best solution, but it solves the problem for a few days - depending on the use.
Names of gas bottles in the main European languages

Bouteille du gaz
Bombona de butano

In general, there two types of gas in Europe:
➢Propane (this type of gas is used more frequently in low temperature areas.)

As mentioned, the real problem lies in the large number of gas cylinder types. Therefore, when crossing the border to other countries (including neighbouring countries), the valve (that connect gas to the bottle) format is different. Depending on the length of stay, this can be uncomfortable. Gas, apart from using it for cooking, is also necessary for most refrigerators - when it is not within the reach of an electrical connection. In spite of everything, if you take some of the measures mentioned here you can facilitate your stay.
➤ For your safety, the installation should be checked regularly by a gas technician.


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