Motorhomes undergo a revolution of energy system: the e.home

In a few years motorhomers will discover a new era in the electric system of their vehicles. A true revolution is being forged in this field, by incorporating a self-sufficient electric power system.

Dethleffs receives the European Innovation Award 2018 from the CMT, Stuttgart, Germany
Motorhomes undergo the energy revolution
Future motorhomes known as e.home

According to Florian Pietrzak, motorhomes production director for Dethleffs company, presented at the last fair in Düsseldorf, the idea arose when Iveco launched its vehicle New Daily Electric in April 2015. Our work with the technical department gave us a vision of a fully electric motorhome. When we say completely electric, we also include functions such as cooking, cooling and heating. An authentic motorhome with zero emissions, he said.

Obviously, this is a huge technical challenge, which led them to create this conceptual vehicle to further develop and refine the features. Florian Pietrzak stated that the mass production of these vehicles will not be ready before five years.
In any case, the energy revolution of the motorhome is already here.

Premio Europeo a la Innovación 2018
European Innovation Award 2018, Dethleffs company

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