The solution to the problem of WC in caravans and motorhomes

No doubt motorhomers would be delighted if they could do without water and chemical toilet cassette tank cleaner. However, it should be noted that this luxury is not within reach of all budgets: the price, nearly £ 4 000. It's called Cinderella Motion. 
It doesn't need water neither chemical cassette tank cleaner
WC Cinderella Eco Motion
Let's say that the device is very interesting because all fecal matter is turned into ashes, it is totally ecological and leaves no smell; besides no longer having to use any water, there is no need for chemical toilet cassette cleaner. It is an incinerator toilet. The truth is that this is not new, since it has been on the market since 1999 (although it has advanced considerably compared to the old models). It is mostly used in the Netherlands (the company headquarters is based in the Netherlands), Nordic countries and some areas of the USA. 

As we all know, the maintenance of the motorhome cassette toilet has its problems, since it is essential to pay attention, in order to avoid unwanted smells, to have always enough water and a bottle of chemical toilet cassette cleaner at hand.

Clic here to see characteristics of WC Cinderella Eco Motion
Manufacturer's website: https://www.cinderellaeco.com/gb/

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